The Growing Demand for EV Chargers in India

The Growing Demand for EV Chargers in India

April 3, 2024
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The Growing Demand for EV Chargers in India: A Comprehensive Overview

The collective consciousness of people towards the well-being of our planet, ecosystem, and environment has fueled the preference and popularity of green, sustainable, and environment-friendly alternatives. The most evident example of this transformational shift in attitude can be seen in India’s automobile sector. Interestingly, people, manufacturers, and even regulatory authorities are getting increasingly inclined towards the use and manufacturing of Electric Vehicles (EVs). 

According to the data and statistics published on the ET Auto website, the sale of EVs in India is on a boom, with around 48,179 EVs being sold in the fiscal year 2020-21, which more than doubled with the sale of 2,37,811 EVs in 2021-22, and 4,42,901 EVs in 2022-23. Moreover, the graph is expected to be moving upwards only for many more years to come, with the advancement and technical evolution of EVs. 

Notably, the exponential rise in the demand for EVs has created an ever-increasing demand for EV chargers in the Indian markets. According to the reports published in ‘The Economic Times’, the demand is expected to increase at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of 65% and reach 3 million units by the fiscal year 2030. 

Therefore, let us take a more comprehensive look at the rising demand for EV chargers in India to understand the ongoing as well as upcoming scenarios. 

Let us start the discussion by getting clarity over the basic definition, utility, and function of EV chargers. 

What are EV Chargers?

EV chargers are the devices used to charge electric vehicles. They help keep the batteries of an electric vehicle charged for proper and smooth functioning. In simple or layman's terms, they could be considered the more advanced version of any chargers that are used to charge electronic devices, like mobile phones, laptops, etc. They transfer electricity or power from the source to the vehicles’ batteries. 

Moreover, with the advancement of technology, they can also be managed and regulated with the help of software developed by some of the leading manufacturers, like Prozeal Green Energy Pvt. Ltd. 

How does an EV charger work?

The work that EV chargers do is way more detailed, significant, and intricate than just transferring electricity from one point to another. Unlike the flow of petrol or gas, the flow of electricity from the source to the vehicle cannot be non-linear. It has to be uniform and linear in order to prolong the battery life, performance, and safety of the vehicle. 

To ensure this Original Equipment Manufacturers and Installers like Prozeal have integrated these chargers with software equipped with smart features and technologies like authentication control and touch display to make the chargers more efficient and safe for the vehicles, even during fast charging. 

The charging capacity of these chargers ranges from 7 KW to an impressive 30 KW. Moreover, they also come with dedicated apps to help EV owners find the nearest charging stations to charge their vehicles anywhere without any hindrances. 

Why is there an increase in the demand for EV chargers in India?

The increasing sale of electric vehicles is directly associated with the even greater increase in demand for EV Chargers in India. Also, currently, the shortage of appropriate EV chargers is being seen as a gap or inconvenience by current as well as future EV owners. This resource shortage also hints at the increasing demand for chargers. 

Other prime reasons that could be associated with the growing demand for EV chargers are the cost-efficiency crisis, range anxiety, and battery shortages faced due to the unavailability of charging stations at uniform distances. 

This shortage has created a supply gap in the market and has encouraged manufacturers to fill this gap and come up with efficient, accessible, and advanced solutions in the form of EV charger software and apps.


How are manufacturers planning to keep up with the increasing demand for EV chargers in India?

Leading Original Equipment Manufacturers like Prozeal are working dedicatedly to develop the required EV ecosystem in India. They are planning to increase the number of charging stations and reduce range anxiety by boosting the charging infrastructure. 

As discussed earlier, they have also come up with automation and smart integrations in the realm of EV charging. With the introduction of features, apps, and charger software, they have made it possible for EV users to use their vehicles more confidently and freely, even for covering long distances. 

Moreover, the manufacturers and EV pioneers are focusing on taking up the additional responsibility of becoming Charge Point Operators, or CPOs, and making the use of EV chargers safer, more convenient, and more user-friendly. 

According to the statistical and data-driven predictions made by market experts, the EV scenario, especially the EV charger sector, is going to experience transformational growth in the coming years. Ultimately, it will make it even more favorable and preferable for vehicle owners to make a smooth switch from petrol or diesel vehicles to electric vehicles.

Key Takeaways!!

The existing and futuristic EV market is evidently going to move upwards, with a special focus on developing the required EV ecosystem and EV charger infrastructure in India. 

The market has not only led to the increasing requirement and development of EV chargers in India but has also led to the invention of charger software, apps, and web portals. These tools and conveniences are expected to collectively establish a wholesome, EV-friendly environment in the country.

This information makes it the right time for you to leverage the technological evolution, enhanced ease of use, and utility of EV chargers in India with Prozeal Green Energy Pvt. Ltd., one of the pioneer EV charger manufacturers in Ahmedabad.