Partnership with Cricket Ireland

Partnership with Cricket Ireland

August 18, 2023
Prozeal Green

Powering a Greener Tomorrow: Prozeal Green - India's Most Bankable Green Energy Company. Your Trusted Partner in Sustainable Energy Solutions.

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Prozeal Green Energy is proud to announce our partnership with Cricket Ireland for the thrilling India Vs Ireland 20-20 cricket series!

As eco-conscious promoters of renewable energy solutions, we're thrilled to team up with Cricket Ireland to promote the principles of sustainability and environmental responsibility within the realm of sports. Together, we aim to highlight the importance of adopting greener practices in every aspect of life.

Don't miss the action-packed matches between India and Ireland, where incredible talent and fierce competition will take center stage. Supporting this exciting series, we're committed to driving positive change and raising awareness about the significance of renewable energy in reducing our carbon footprint.

Join us and Cricket Ireland on this incredible journey towards a greener future! Let's embrace clean energy together.